Live the Best Possible Version of Yourself

Evolve into a better choice-maker 

Life is hard, but the experience of living should not be

My profession of being a psychiatrist has helped me to experience people's emotional suffering very closely. 

We do carry within us our inherent tendencies and develop patterns of environmental conditioning.

Although we have the ability to choose our responses in any given moment, our past experiences, learning, and habits often have a big influence on our choices.

Listening to positive talks or reading self-help books invoke in us the state of being positive.

They help and remind us that it is possible to get out of negativity and switch ourselves into the states of hopefulness, optimism and positivity.

But it’s temporary, and not ENOUGH!  

Lasting changes occur... 

when the one who is choosing evolves into a better choice-maker!  

"When thoughts change, our experience of life changes too. However, it's temporary if there is no change in the person who is choosing those thoughts."

~ Sudeep Shroff